Video and Audio Transfers

Video Transfers to DVD or Digital Files

We can transfer using any of the following formats:

VHS C-VHS Mini-DV 8mm Film Digital 8
VHS tape Compact VHS tape Mini DV tape 8mm film Digital 8

2 hour maximum per disc

DVD Transfer Includes:

  • Convert video to DVD format
  • DVD will startup with a simple main menu. User will press enter to view video.
  • Chapter marks will be added to the video so user can skip ahead easily at approximately 10 minute increments.
  • After video plays main menu will reappear and user has the option to view the video again.

Audio Transfers to CD or Digital Files

We can transfer using any of the following formats:

Vinyl Reel to Reel Cassette Micro Cassette DAT
Vinyl record Reel to reel tape Cassette tape Micro cassette Digital audio tape
33, 45 or 78 rpm ¼" tape recorded at 15, 7 ½, or 3 3/8 inches per second (¼ track or ½ track)

We will load your master into our digital audio editing computer, establish track locations at the beginning of each song or program section, do a basic level adjustment and make a duplication-ready CD or MP3 files. We also supply a frame accurate time sheet of the newly created CD.

Basic sonic restoration is included. For tape programs this includes hiss reduction. For vinyl this includes: Crackle, Click and Noise reduction. Most programs only require basic sonic restoration. For extremely noisy programs that require special handling, please request a special quote. We can evaluate your material at no cost and give you an estimate before we start the work.

Please email us for a custom quote based on the formats you have and quantities of each.