Artwork Templates and Information

  1. Please supply your graphic files using ABACAB template files only. See links below to download files.
  2. Make sure all your insert files are set up as CMYK.
  3. Images in your files ideally should be 300 to 350 dpi.
  4. Make sure you deliver all images and links being used. Please create outlines of all fonts.
  5. Keep all text a minimum of 1/8 inch away from cuts and folds.
  6. Please include 1/8 inch bleed of all background colors and images.
  7. If this is your first time, feel free to contact us with questions or submit rough drafts of your design so that we can help you avoid common mistakes.


CD 4 Page Booklet

CD Tray Card

Color Disc Art-CD or DVD

Thermal Black Disc Print-CD or DVD

DVD Overlay-Outer Case Cover

Single CD Sleeve

Single CD Wallet

Email request for questions or a file not listed