General Definitions

Booklets: The booklet is the removable printed piece. It is enclosed in the front cover of the jewel case and the first page is seen through the front plastic.

Tray card: The tray card is the printed piece viewed from the back, which stays permanently in the jewel box and is kept in place by the plastic CD "tray".

CD Tray: The plastic piece that hold the tray card in place and holds the CD. Standard is black. Options include white and clear at additional cost.

4 Panel insert: The most common type of booklet and is included in our standard pricing. It is a single piece of paper folded in half, so if forms four square "pages". Approximately, 4-3/4" x 9-1/2" when layed flat.

2 Panel insert: A flat square piece of paper with no folds. 4-3/4" x4-3/4".

6 Page folder: A single piece of paper with 2 folds total forming three square pages on each side of the paper.

8 Page booklet: A stapled booklet made up of two 4 Panel inserts stapled together forming 8 square pages.
Bleed: this is the area outside the cut marks of a graphic file. It is designed as a "safety zone". A simple 1/8" bleed is standard.

Printer Spreads: This is a term printers use to organize pages for multi-page booklets. Also called pagination. If you are designing a booklet that is going to be 8 or more pages you must be aware of pagination. To understand this better click on this link: Printer Spreads

Knock out: This is an area of no ink. When designing disc art for silk screening, you need to remember "no ink" areas will be silver instead of white.

4/1 printing: A piece which is printed full color (or four color) on one side and black and white (one color) on the other. This is standard. 4/4 printing is available at additional cost.